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Responsive web design & development

More and more people are using mobile devices (ie: smartphones, tablets, laptops) to search the web, so why no be where your customers are. Responsive Web Design will reach your audience and give them the optimal experience while browsing your site. We design all sites with Responsive Technology that automatically adjusts for screen sizes, rearranges images, font size and layouts according to the users device and operating system.
Responsive Web Design opens the doors and gives us the ability of unimaginable creativity in web design. But wait! Ask yourself... what should my site look like, what is its function? A properly designed and functional site should generate more leads and avoid customers bouncing off your site, we inquire about your business interests, always consider your bottom line and work a strategy to meet your goal.
So keep your eye on your business and let us take care of the everyday online tasks with our knowledgeable background in Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, PHPMyAdmin, cPanel, PLESK, MySQL, Javascript, PHP, HTML5 and CSS3 like our motto says "everything in between..." we can set up your new website, change servers, update and maintain your site on just about any server running today.

About Zahab Design

We focus on working smarter, faster and more effectively our basket of technology is always current to keep ahead of the technology online curve and to avoid delays or errors with big print firms. We love to learn the latest internet trends, social media hang-outs and most of all what the heck is Google up to today!...View More

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